Roof Replacement in Huntsville, AL

Huntsville Roof ReplacementIs it time for a new roof? Huntsville Roof Replacement can remove & replace your old residential or commercial roof quickly and for less money.

Worried about the cost of replacing your old roof? Don’t Be!
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We specialize in replacing shingle, flat, metal and TPO roofs. Before you hire another local roofing contractor, call us for a free written estimate.

Why You May Need A Roof Replacement

Even the average homeowner or business owner can see indications that a roof may need to be replaced. Some of these signs are:

  • Roof Bowing – Large or multiple areas in the roof that have dipped down or bowed. Usually a sign that water damage has affected the wooden roof decking.
  • Two or More Layers of Roofing – While this was a pretty common practice 20 years ago or more, the excess weight it adds to your roof is unnecessary and prone to leaks.
  • Excessive Shingle Wear – Look up at your roof. If 40% or more of the granules have worn away it can’t protect your roof properly.
  • Water Puddling – Usually on a flat or commercial roof, areas of the roof where water puddles and doesn’t flow quickly off the roof.

What To Expect When Replacing Your Roof
Believe it or not, a roof replacement means more than just removing and installation of the outermost layer. Expect to have a thorough inspection of the topside and underside of the roof itself. Here, we’re looking at the structural integrity of trusses and joist that will be supporting the new roof. Substantial water damage to wood or metal must be repaired or replaced for safety reasons. Decking, underlayment (waterproofing), flashing and pipe boots & vents all get replaced if they’re found to be corroded, rotten or damaged.

As a rule of thumb, the new roof that we install will only be as strong and long lasting as the structure underneath it. When it comes to protecting your family and belongings, it’s never good to cut corners.

How Much Does A Roof Replacement Cost?
The cost of replacing a roof depends on a few factors. Is it a commercial or residential roof? What type of roofing material will be installed? Things like size of the roof and labor needed to do the job properly all go into the cost of a new roof. With that being said, prices for roof replacement have come down over the past year and no interest roof financing have made it very affordable.

We provide roof replacement in Huntsville, Madison AL, Decatur AL, Athens AL, Scottboro, Meridianville and Redstone Arsenal.