Cost of Roof Replacement

In Huntsville, roof replacement cost can either be cheap, affordable or expensive. Your goal should be to get the best roof installed properly with a long warranty and a fair price.

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Residential or commercial roofing prices should always include quality materials, labor and a long warranty. Our new roof cost estimates do and we’re available 24 hours a day to prove it to you.

What Is The Average Cost of Roof Replacement in Huntsville?

Huntsville Roofing CostWhether it’s roof replacement or roof repair, getting a fair price means a lot. Installation costs vary in and around Huntsville so finding the average cost takes a little homework. Nearly every roofer out there prices their service according to the square footage of your roof, also known as “roofing square”. A square is a 100 sqft area of roofing.

This allows the contractor to estimate the amount of roofing materials like: shingles, tar paper, nails and flashing that may be needed to repair or replace your roof. On average, most roofing companies charge between $230 to $260 per square for a new shingle roof. So, let’s say you have 2000 sqft of roof area. Divide that by 100 and you get 21 square. Now multiply the number of squares by $240 and you’ll get around $5000.

Can A New Roof Be Financed?
Yes, you can have a new roof installed and finance the entire cost of the replacement. Most people have no idea that roof financing is available through professional roofing contractors like us. 100% roof replacement financing with no interest payments can really help you save money and not break the budget.

Whichever way you choose to pay for your new roof, our cost of roof replacement will always include expert installation, quality roofing materials and a comprehensive warranty. As you compare low cost roof replacement estimates, look at the company’s reputation. Are they A+ rated? Do they have independent reviews from real customers? We do and the confidence you get from that must go hand in hand with a fair price.

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